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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

"I feel incredibly honoured, as I celebrate my 10th year anniversary as a Realtor, to be featured in this magazine. Thank you so much for the interview and the beautiful write up".

Press Release:

Audrey Bailey,

Bilingual Sales Representative Coldwell Banker Community Professionals.

On her 10th year in the real estate business, Audrey Bailey is confident in what she has to offer to her clients. Her prior background in marketing for home builders has given her an undeniable edge in the industry, and her love for interior decorating helps her transform any house into a home.

Working with the award winning boutique size team of four, The MINK Group, which she co-founded, Audrey serves the Burlington and Hamilton areas in Ontario, Canada.

Audrey credits her large network of repeat and referral business to the high level of service that she provides. “Clients note the level of professionalism that our team gives. We provide a customized service to our buyers and sellers. We have built our business on creating a family environment rather than focusing on only one transaction. We don’t just finish the transaction and disappear. Our clients value that we keep in touch with them, which I think is the key to success in our industry. We keep our clients up to date with the market conditions with customized sales reports and do all kinds of fun events throughout the year to show them our appreciation.”

With a true passion for interior decorating, Audrey is always happy to provide clients with her expertise and help them stage the home they’re selling as well as style the home they move into.

“When I started out I would stage a home and then my clients would jokingly say, ‘I wish I didn't have to sell my house, I love it this way!’ So now I’ve incorporated my staging services as part of what I do for my clients when they move into their new home. I'll go in and give them a styling consultation on what they could do to best suit their lifestyle and their space.”

Averaging around 15 to 20 transactions per year, Audrey puts a lot of emphasis on her marketing strategy. We internally call it our “3 P” strategy - Prepare - Price & Promote “We utilize everything from our staging, professional photography, videos to communicating with our large network of fellow realtors, pool of active buyers, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, YouTube, and virtual guided video tours. In the last year, it's been a very strong seller’s market and it seems like things have just been selling on their own. But we always try to remain creative and think outside of the box to give our clients top results.”

Outside of work Audrey finds time to be involved in her community. She loves to promote and support small businesses, sits on the board of the Burlington Hamilton Real Estate Association, and as a bilingual French speaker, she volunteers at the local French school. She’s a busy mom to three kids. “My husband and I value spending quality family time together, and we're always renovating something around our house.” In her spare time, she loves working out, yoga and cooking!

Going forward, Audrey is focused on continuing to provide the best quality service for her clients as she expands her business. “Because I came from the builder world, I want to explore this industry a little bit more relating to sales in the next few years. My goal is to bridge the gap between the REALTOR® and the builder for a better experience for our clients.”

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