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Project Bristol

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Renovating this Hamilton Home as my retirement plan.

As a realtor and self employed professional I will not have a corporate retirement pension... This is why I've decided to partner up with 2 of my colleagues to purchase this cute little Hamilton home, renovate it and rent it out.

Have you ever heard of the BRRR method?





Such a small but powerful concept.

Just like Scotiabank's tagline, you might indeed be "richer than you think". If you currently own your home, you might have access to some equity you could use as a downpayment for an investment property.

If you are interest in this concept but have no idea where to start, let's chat. I can help you with some integrated approach to tackle this retirement plan option.

Here are some Before & Afters of this fun home renovation project.

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Riley Romilly
Riley Romilly
Aug 20, 2022

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