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Outdoor shed re-fresh!

Another little backyard project, our shed is finally updated! It needed a little refreshing as we have been in this home for 7 years and never did anything to it! With these few changes, it feels like a brand new place!

Freshly Painted.

We used #onyx black paint from sherwinwilliamspaint.

cost: $50 for one can.

DIY Door Make-over.

As for our door, since it was very old, we decided to board it up with horizontal wood slats that we stained in a light grey tone with #Minwax Classic Grey. This gives it a slight modern finish.

cost: $35 in wood.

Door handle.

I had kept an old metal bar from an outdoor clothes laundry line and thought it could be useful somewhere! So we just used it here as our door handle!

cost: free


We added a small sconce light from Lowe's.

cost: $75


When we re-did our main house roof, I convinced the roofer to throw in the shed roof included in his estimate :)

cost: free


This area of the backyard is the one that gets the most sun in the afternoon into the early evening, so we decided to build our vegetable garden on one side of the shed with left over wood we had on hand! The smells of the freshly grown veggies and herbs are delightful! So we placed Muskoka chairs close by to relax and enjoy a nice drink in the late afternoon and evening :)

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