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Introducing my phone pantry

OK Friends, I’ve taken decluttering and staging to the next level; I have a phone cupboard.

It sounds extravagant but it isn’t. It’s a dollar store box, placed in our pantry so I can store my phone. Out of sight, out of mind.

I was finding myself completely distracted. Always checking my phone or scrolling through the rabbit hole. Being self-employed and constantly available. I had found myself missing some precious family time.

I shove my phone here, evenings I am home. We placed a plug there so it became a charging station for our electronics. This is my solution for a proper break and paying better attention to my family.

I love my work and am fully committed to my clients. I love my kids and family. I wanted to make sure when they were talking to me I wasn’t staring at my phone. (It still happens on occasions, but it's way less!)

This trick has allowed me to better regulate my phone consumption! I leave it on volume so if someone does need to get a hold of me, I can still hear it and I will answer it. But I don’t find myself constantly checking it.

Does that sound like something you’d like to do?

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