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Busy Family & living remotely... How to sell an investment property remotely.

My clients called me as they wanted to sell one of their investment properties in Burlington while living in Montreal. With full-time careers and 2 kids, they weren't too sure how this would go…

They were nervous and stressed being remote. I explained my House Blend method. I’ve built a “village” around my business so we could look after everything here for them.

From dealing with their tenant and explaining all the steps and options to the tenant. And preparing the space, coordinating with a contractor for small repairs, etc.

I’m also a mom, I have kids in sports, I’m a real estate investor and have a full-time career. I know firsthand how overwhelming it feels when you have to add to an already pretty loaded list of life.

We successfully sold their home in 4 days. Thank you for trusting me with your real estate journey!

If you are also hoping to make a move and are not sure where to get started, let’s chat.

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