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A bit about me, sharing my journey on losing 40ls after my third bébé.

I have three beautiful children. I am very grateful and proud of my family.

Our bodies go through a lot for our babies. I’ve never really struggled with weight in my life. But I was never very active before kids either.

I enjoyed all 3 of my pregnancies very much. I love food. I am a complete “gourmande”. Sorry, no direct translation for this beautiful french word! Let's just say I definitely wasn’t shy to indulge on chocolate cake after lunch (hm possibly every day!) during my third pregnancy.

After my little one arrived, I realized my body had changed a lot. Getting older and after several pregnancies, it's harder and harder for the body to bounce.

I tried on my own. Watched what I was eating. Joined the gym. Overwhelmed not knowing which machine to use or how!

I realized with time, it was gonna take some extra effort to shed the baby weight. I needed to ask for help.

I sat down with Gabby, a personal trainer from GoodLife. In our initial consultation, I broke down in her office. I cried, she listened.

Gabby made it her mission to introduce me to a whole new world I had no idea existed. I joined a HIIT team training group with other young moms. She taught us the benefits of lifting weights. I was always afraid I would get bulky and I didn't want that. She made it fun, even when it was hard.

She reminded me of discipline, effort and having fun during the process. I still use this motto in my every day life, for work, as a mom and wife. I just needed to apply it to my body.

I strived. I lost 40 lbs in less than a year. I have kept my weight down and it has changed my way of life. I still work out daily.

Deciding to work with a coach was life changing. Forever grateful.

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