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Market Update

Let's take a small coffee break and chat about the current real estate market conditions. Every month, I review the local stats.


In my own words, I'll explain what we are seeing with our clients. Take a look at the board numbers, and tell you what is actually happening!

Hope you enjoy!

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How is the real estate market in Burlington?

Last update, June 1, 2023 

The market is fairly unpredictable and the recent interest rate hike announcement might impact things further. It will be interesting to see if the summer months slow down as they would it in a more predictable market.

RAHB area home prices trend upwards for the 5th consecutive month. Sales to new listings ratio keeps conditions balanced.

Higher lending rates have impacted sales. However, lower inventory levels are preventing the market from becoming oversupplied and are likely contributing to some of the recent monthly gains we are seeing in home prices

While prices remain below last year’s peak, the recent gains have helped support more confidence amongst both buyers and sellers.

It's impossible to time the market, so if you are looking at making a move we can help with strategy.

In the meantime, here is my take away: 

Buyers: Be prepared!
Get your finances in order
Get a budget set
Get out and see homes

Sellers: Updated houses are selling quickly!
Price according to market value
Prep, stage and market properly

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If you want to take the next step, book a strategy call with me to see if I can help you and your family with your next move. Book your 15 min call or chat with me on Facebook Messenger in French or English. Talk soon!

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